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We’ve been working on creating a model for describing the mechanisms of action of laser radiation on biological tissues since 1994. The main commercial activities of our company today include the development and production of medical laser technology and the development of effective laser treatments. We cooperate with medical research organisations, treatment centres, scientific and technical specialists interested in the development and popularisation of advanced/modern laser technologies in medicine.

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Laser treatment methods

  • Coagulation of blood vessels Coagulation of blood vessels
    The problem of the removal of dilated blood vessels is pertinent to many people not only for aesthetic reasons ...
  • Photodestruction of tattoo dye Photodestruction of tattoo dye
    The procedure for removing tattoos, despite its apparent simplicity, is the most difficult to realise in laser cosmetology ...
  • Laser hair removal Laser hair removal
    Laser hair removal is a very simple procedure offered in pretty much all beauty salons ...