A novel method of facial rejuvenation using a 2940-nm erbium:YAG laser with spatially modulated ablation: a pilot study

Lasers in Medical Science

September 2016, Volume 31, Issue 7, pp 1465–1471

MA Trelles1, V. Khomchenko2, J.M. Alcolea1 and P.A. Martínez-Carpio3

1Instituto Médico Vilafortuny, Fundación Antoni de GimbernatCambrilsSpain
2Research Department LINLINE Minsk, Belarus
3Research Unit, IMC-Investiláser, Sabadell, Spain

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The objective of this study was to determine the efficacy and safety of a novel method of facial rejuvenation using a 2940-nm erbium:YAG laser with Spatially Modulated AblationTM. A pilot study was performed in 16 women with moderate to severe signs of facial aging relative to chronolog- ical age, who underwent two treatment sessions with an Er:YAG laser coupled to the RecoSMATM technology (Linline, Minsk, Belarus). The whole face was treated in all patients. Clinical efficacy, tolerance, adverse effects, compli- cations, and histological changes due to the treatment were evaluated. Clinical photographs and biopsies were taken be- fore treatment and 3 months after the second treatment ses- sion. All patients completed the study and presented no sig- nificant complications. Histological changes in the epidermis and dermis as a result of treatment were found. Fine lines, wrinkles, and overall facial aging improved significantly (p < 0.0001). The mean reduction of fine lines and wrinkles was 59 % (r = 40–75 %). The mean improvement of overall facial aging was 74 % (r = 55–90 %). After showing the pa- tients the comparative photographs before and after treatment, 75 % of women stated that they were satisfied or very satisfied and would recommend the treatment. Preliminary results show an excellent safety/efficacy profile for this novel tech- nology, which, based on observed results, can be considered to have advantages over other methods of facial rejuvenation with lasers.

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