Treatment of chronic lower extremity ulcers with Er:YAG laser and RecoSMA Technology


Cir.plást. iberolatinoam.-Vol. 41 – No. 3
July – August – September 2015 / pp. 117–126

 1 Hernández E.,  2 Khomchenko V.,  3 Sola A.,  4 Pikirenia I.I.,  5 Alcolea J.M.,  6 Trelles M.A.

 1 Vascular Surgeon, Vascular Surgery Service, Viamed Monegal Hospital, Tarragona, Spain.
 2 Doctor of Physics, Research Scientist, LINLINE, Development and Construction of Medical Systems, Antonovskaya UI, Minsk, Republic of Belarus.
 3 Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering Department, Malaga University, Malaga, Spain.
 4 Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, Head of the Transplant Department at the Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education of Belarus, Minsk Hospital, Belarus.
 5 Degree in Medicine and Surgery, Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Medicine , Vilafortuny Medical Institute, Cambrils, Tarragona, Spain.
 6 Plastic Surgeon, Vilafortuny Medical Institute, Cambrils, Tarragona, Spain.

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Chronic lower extremity ulcers (CLEU) have a high pre- valence, present various aetiologies and are difficult to heal. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the results achieved in healing CLEU using an Erbium:YAG with RecoSMA technology. This laser emits energy in thousands of microbeams causing superficial epidermal ablation by thermal effect and a limited cell membrane destruction in dermis due to a mechanical-acoustic effect.

Evaluation of results achieved was carried out in 17 patients enrolled in the study by questionnaires, histologies and clinical visual correlation of progress by photographs taken before each session (12 session in total), which were analysed with the help of a computer program.

Results after 12 treatment sessions showed complete healing of ulcers or a decrease of their initial area by at least 50% in more than 50% of patients treated. The t Student test and Fishers´ exact test were used for the statistical analysis noticing that results obtained were statistically significant with p<0.05.

The Er:YAG laser and RecoSMA technology, based on a system of optics which converts the laser beam in thousands of microbeams, it is not only absorbed in the tissue surface, but penetrates in the dermis. The acoustic-mechanical mechanism produces effective resonance effects to achieve tissue regeneration. This technology used on difficult CLEU offers an effective and safe treatment alternative.

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