Treatment of scars

The current understanding of scar treatment is their correction. That is, the hypertrophic scar can be grinded to the level of a normotrophic scar. Normotrophic scars can be removed surgically, to try to make a cosmetically less noticeable scar. A hypotrophic scar can be sutured. All these methods are quite traumatic and don’t give desired results. We are talking only about forming a new, more aesthetically smooth scar. This statement was fair until recently. The first talk about the possibility of replacing the scar tissue with normal, healthy tissue was after the appearance of fractional lasers. The effect was noted but it was too early to talk about guaranteed effects at correcting any scars.

Today, LINLINE proposes a new method of scar removal using erbium laser Er:YAG, with SMA-module. SMA technology (spatially modulated ablation) allows the creation of clearly structured zones of microablation. This method has a low traumatic effect, short rehabilitation period after the procedure and excellent effect. Treatment result is noticeable even after the first procedure, but for complete disappearance of the scar requires several sessions.

  Treatment results Before-After