Treatment of keloid scars

Treatment of keloid scars is a very difficult task due to the fact that any traumatic effect (cutting surgically, freezing, grinding) the keloid scar grows even larger.
If during the removal a part of the scar is not removed, it will be enough for the scar to grow even larger than the original scar.

One of the ideas of using lasers for treating keloid scars is in coagulation of blood vessels, feeding the scar. This method can provide very good results. However, to implement it is necessary that the coagulation is carried out selectively, that is the scar itself should not overheat. Otherwise, it will stimulate the growth of scar tissue. Namely the absence of selective methods of coagulation of the blood vessels made this way of treating keloids inefficient.

The method of blood vessel coagulation used in the Multiline™ device has a high degree of selectivity which allows to not only heal vascular diseases but also to effectively treat keloids.
During the treatment the scar slightly darkens. A few minutes after, colour saturation increases. Several days later, a peel appears on the surface of the scar, which independently rejects on 10-14th day. The keloid becomes less dense,so that it gives less discomfort. Further treatment gradually reduces the volume of keloid tissue. After several sessions, the keloid scar turns into a normotrophic one.

  Treatment results Before-After