Multiline™ laser complex


Multiline™ is a multifunctional medical laser complex, including the base module with power systems, cooling systems, control systems and a set of removable solid-state pulsed laser emitters.

The scope of use is in surgery and cosmetology. One Multiline™ device can not only replace the seven classical laser devices, but also provides such treatment results that are currently considered impossible. Multiline™ is the possibility of an entire clinic, concentrated in one device.

Registration certificate of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine.


Multiline™ advantages

  • Ability of using up to seven independent high-energy laser emitters.
  • Ability to vary the physical parameters of laser radiation (wavelength, pulse energy, generation mode, pulse repetition rate) in a wide range.
  • Ability to vary the degree of thermal and mechanical influence on biological objects.
  • Using not only classical methods of generation (free generation, Q-sw), but also the mode of generating an adjustable train of Q-sw pulses.
  • Using the original, patented methods of treating for various diseases.
  • Multiline™ “Artificial Intelligence”:
    For user’s convenience, all treating methods are nested in the memory of a built-in computer, which enables practitioners to choose only the diagnosis. After that, the device chooses all the parameters of laser radiation, optimal for treatment, on its own. In case of user error (using unsuitable laser head or nozzle), the device will indicate it and will prohibit work to continue until the mistake is taken care of.

Multiline™ equipment

Depending on the user’s needs, the device can be equipped with the following high-energy laser emitters and modules:

Erbium laser Er:YAG + SMA module

Contact scalpel Nd:YAP (1079nm/1340nm/1440nm)

Neodymium laser Nd:YAP/Q-Switched

Vascular Laser Nd:YAP/Q-Switched + KTP-module

RUBY Laser

ALEX Laser

By purchasing the Multiline™ laser complex, you can choose the set of lasers depending on your clinical needs. Later on, you can additionally equip your Multiline™ with other laser emitters.


Video: Multiline™ device program in operation.